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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

5 New Governors appointed and 3 Governors transferred - 17.01.2010

5 New Governors appointed and 3 Governors transferred - 17.01.2010

National Security Adviser M. K. Narayanan  has been  appointed  Governor  of West  Bengal,   according  to  a Rashtrapati  Bhavan  communique  issued  here  late  on  16.01.2010.   He  is  among  the five  new  Governors  appointed  by  the  United  Progressive Alliance  government.

The  former  Union  Home Minister,   Shivraj  Patil,   was appointed  Governor  of  Punjab  as  well  as  Administrator of  the  Union  Territory  of Chandigarh,   the  communique  said.

The other new gubernatorial appointments are those of M. O. H.   Farook,   senior Congress  leader  and  former Indian  ambassador  to  Saudi Arabia,   as  Governor  of  Jharkhand;   Urmila  Singh,   a  member  of  the  Congress  Working Committee  ( CWC)   who  hails from  Madhya  Pradesh,   as Governor  of  Himachal  Pradesh;   and  Shekhar  Dutta,   former  Defence  Secretary,   as Governor  of  Chhattisgarh.

The Central government also transferred three Governors. While E. S. L.  Narasimhan  was shifted  to  the  Andhra  Pradesh Raj  Bhavan  from  Chhattisgarh  for  the  remainder  of  his term,   Prabha  Rau  was  transferred  from  Himachal  Pradesh  to  Rajasthan  for  the remainder  of  her  gubernatorial  term.   K.   Sankaranarayanan,   Governor of Jharkhand, has been moved to the Maharashtra Raj Bhavan.
With Mr.  Narayanan’s  appointment  as  Governor,   the government  is  now  all  set  to name  a  new  NSA;   the  former Foreign  Secretary,   Shiv  Shankar  Menon,   and  Shyam  Saran, the  Prime  Minister’s  Special Envoy  on  Climate  Change, are  said  to  be  in  the  reckoning.
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